A Loaf of Bread by James McPherson

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The short story, "A Loaf of Bread", shows us that grocery store owner, Harold Green, was struggling while trying to keep his business afloat. He'd been a grocer for many years, selling goods at exorbitant prices without any regard for his customers.

At the beginning of the story, we see that Green as a greedy man, caring for nobody but himself. classmates after watching people picketed on the evening news. She tried to persuade him to give away Even his wife, Ruth, and their children were second to him. They were ashamed when neighbors and classmates picketed outside his grocery store, complaining about Harold Green's unreasonable prices. Ruth challenged Green to schedule a day where he would give away groceries to everybody for an eight hour period, and to do so without publicity.

It seems her words didn't affect him at all, even though threatened to take the kid

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