A New Form of Slavery

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The prison industrial complex is a system similar to slavery, in which money is made by the exploitation and oppression of people that are of middle and lower class communities, especially African Americans. The prison Industrial complex is in short, everything that has to do with the prison system. Included in the prison industrial complex are private jails, state jails, the way jails make money, outside companies that make money off jails such as food companies, companies that make furniture for jails, prison guards, and other resources prisons need are all part of the prison industrial complex.

The prison industrial complex is a multi-billion dollar industry; similar to what the slave industry would have been had it still existed today. The prison industrial complex can legalize discrimination when people who go to jail are labeled “felons for life." Most of these people labeled “felons for life” are African American, and are being put in jail mostly on drug possession laws but not selling. Minor crimes are now ruining the lives of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of African Americans.

After someone is labeled a felon, they lose rights to public housing, and it gets really hard for them to find jobs, which is why ac

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