Beowulf Compared to the Dream of the Rood

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If you look closely at the literature created during the Old English period, you will be able to notice a few common parallels. The writings that evolved from this time period usually involved many heroic and warrior like bases with some kind of underlying religious theme. The works were mostly narrated by an unknown source and eloquently worded. The main characters were courageous and strong, loyal and trustworthy, and always accomplished their goals in the end, whether it is by victory or death. In the poems Beowulf and The Dream of the Rood, you can see how these attributes were portrayed by Beowulf, the Cross, and in some cases Jesus, all in a similar way. In these poems, Beowulf and the Cross are portrayed as loyal and heroic, and Jesus and Beowulf as a warrior and a savior.

Loyalty is a necessary quality to get through life. True loyalty is synonymous with being, and remaining faithful to a way of life, special cause, government, religion and so on. To act loyal means to be honest, truthful, and respectful. It means you stand by what you believe in and always stay true to those beliefs. A loyal person will remain true to whoever or whatever they follow or pr

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