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Bram Stoker

             A pioneer in literature, Bram Stoker was one of the most influential
             figures to enter the realm of gothic fiction. His vision of a world that
             people dream about but never speak of has inspired many others to create
             tales with the same attitude. Stoker has become a notable role model for
             all fans of gothic literature, with his narratives of the dark and spooky
             realm that are simple but still connote a deeper meaning. His most famous
             work, Dracula, is a tale that everyone is familiar with because it has
             given birth to countless vampire stories and films. But one of the things
             that his fans should realize is how he came to write such enticing stories,
             as well as how different aspects of his life that are portrayed in his
             work. Even Stoker fanatics often fail to notice these seemingly subtle
             influences that inhabit his various works, Dracula in particular. One of
             his major influences originated from his Irish descent, and the events that
             played themselves throughout his lifetime. Another notable inspiration was
             the Celtic stories that were popular at the time, and finally, British
             actor Henry Irving, who Stoker admired in particular, was another effect
             that motivated Stoker to write his stories.
             Stoker's Irish heritage made a heavy impact on his writings. He was
             born in Dublin, Ireland in 1847, as noted by various sources. 1847 was the
             year in which The Great Famine of Ireland ended. Stoker was one of the many
             children who was affected by the Great Famine, a time period in which food
             was very scarce for Irish peasants. Due to this, he was raised a very
             sickly child, but had a loving mother who would tell him stories and
             various horror tales, which was undoubtedly an influence on his work. He
             had always dreams of becoming a writer, and his mother was probably a
             factor of that. Also, there were many things that inspired his work that
             happened during his lifetime.

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