Honeywell Foundation

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It's a cold winter night in 1874. Mark C. Honeywell is born; that 29th of December 1874. From that day forth the city of Wabash would change. Mark Honeywell would create one of the world's largest companies, team with Tomas Edison, and even create a community service program for the city. The Honeywell Foundation, based out of Wabash, provides sports, entertainment, and more for the great city of Wabash, Indiana.

Mark Honeywell as a young man had several jobs. However, by 1891 he would set his mind in a straight path. That year he graduated from Eastman Business College in New York. By 1904 Mr. Honeywell had created the Honeywell Heating Specialties Company and was on the road to forming one of the largest companies in the world. In 1905 he created the famous round thermostat we see today. By 1927, sales were topping $1.5 million and more than 400 people worked at the Waba

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