The Articles of Confederation: Strengths and Weaknesses

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The Articles of Confederation, written throughout the American Revolution and was American's first constitution. It had been introduced in 1777 and finally ratified by all states in 1781. Although it was finally adopted by all states, it would later be discovered that their nation would run into serious conflicts due to, a lack of state and national government balance. Due to this, the very existence of our own nation was at stake. Given the stern requirements for altering the Articles, few leaders expressed any buoyancy that the changes necessary in the government could be accomplished. However, steps were being taken to do just that, American leaders agreed that the Articles of Confederation needed to be altered. On the other hand, the Articles of Confederation did have its strong points. Congress, with the power that it was allowed, created a number of plans that resolved certain troubles with the following: distribution of land with the Northwest Land Ordinances, helping establish departments for war, marines, and foreign affairs along with cabinet departments. In this essay you will be reading about both pros and cons with their new government. Also, about how without changes, America wouldn't have able to protect the basic princ

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