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Gun Control is Needed

             The problem with guns is fairly straightforward; they make it easier to kill and injure innocent people. If the government had a chance to reduce murders by more than 50 percent, should they take it? Ever since the 20th century, guns have plagued everyday American life. Creating gun control laws will assure that children will not be able to obtain guns from the home and will make streets a safer place to be by making it more difficult for criminals to attain firearms.
             Adult gun death has become a big enough problem in this country. Now children are beginning to be a part of this problem. When a gun is kept in the home, there is a very large chance that child will find it. To add on to this risk, statistics show that 53 percent of all firearm owners do not lock up their guns (Levine 32). This almost doubles the likelihood of a child locating the firearm. Children are not the only ones who are in risk of finding a gun. Teenagers are also in danger of finding firearms. 75 percent of all teenage murders used guns, and more than half of all teenage suicides also included the use of a firearm (Goodwin 38). In 1992, teenage murders that didn’t involve guns grew 20 percent, while murders using guns grew 300 percent (Goodwin 38). Each year, the numbers get bigger. In 1993, Governor Weld of Massachusetts signed a law that banned handgun possession for minors. After this, began a 2 and a half year period without a gun murder of a person under the age of 17 (Gun Control Debate 1). This should be taken as an example of the advantage that gun control laws will give America. Suicide is another problem that guns hold with children and teenagers. In the year of 1996, more that 1,300 children with the age range of 10 through 19 committed suicide using a gun (Gun Control Debate 1). All of these suicides where either because they found a firearm at their home which their parents owned for “protection,” or because of illegal sale of firearms to minors.