Why Worry?

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Worrying is an all too common activity in which we humans participate on almost a daily basis. Some let worrying overpower and consume them while others have learned that this straining activity is less than worth their time. There are many justifiable reasons for worrying while there are also those people who use worrying as a means to waste much time and effort pining away about the menial and trivial difficulties that we all face and must deal with. I will attempt to explain the reasons why we worry, the effects worrying has on our minds and bodies, and describe the types of people who worry, those who refuse to do so, and how these two groups' daily lives differ.

So, why do we worry? There are many reasons and causes for worrying that we remind ourselves about in our minds and also those that are presented to us by our families, friends, but more often by the media. Imagine you are sitting down to catch your nightly dosage of the news. If you hadn't forgotten already, the economy is still not doing well, the stock market went down a few more points today, there were more deaths and accidents in your county, a few more teenagers were sent to jail, the threat of more terrorists attacks has become even more likel

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