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My Future Lifestyle

            The actions that we take, the way that we think, and the decisions that we have made will affect the type of lifestyles you will be living in the future. Your future lifestyles will determines the kind of people you hang out, the kind of house you will be living in, the kind of car you drive, etc. That’s why is important to know the kind of lifestyle you enjoy the most living in, and start working towards that lifestyle while you still you still young. Although there are many components that you will use for working towards your future lifestyle goals, but education is the main component out of all.
             Ever since I was little, I have this dream of buying a house at Beverly Hill. I would love to own a nice big house at the top of the hill. My ideal house would be a nicely decorated house, with a big backyard consist of a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, and a small gold course. Then when I drive down the hill I will be able to go to some convenient stores and get food, clothing, or shoes. Although owning a nice house is important, but I also consider having a family too. I do not ask much, all I want is two children, a boy and a girl. I will be spending about three-fourth of my time with them when I have a family. Although family is important, but friends are also important. The type of friends that I ask for are loyal, kind, friendly, and rich. In order to achieve this entire goal, first, I must have a job. The kind of career that I am looking forward to become is architect, business man, and becoming an artist. I believe these jobs will allow me to earn 150,000 or more a year. I know that the more money you make, the more overtime or traveling you need, but that doesn’t bother me at all. As long as I can become famous and have prosperity, I don’t care what job I do. I hope that I will have a nice working office of my own in the field of career I chose. People around me will dress up neither with tuxedo or nice dress shirt.

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