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Cheerleading is a very popular sport these days. They cheer for many different sports like football, and basketball. Many people go to the games to see the cheerleaders. They also, have cheer offs to see who's team is the best. In the following paragraphs I will tell you how it all started, what the first organization was, and how it is today.

First, cheerleading first acme about in the 1870s; it was established by a pep club at Princeton University. They first called cheerleading the "yell . According to legend a guy named Thomas Peebler put a group of guys on the sidelines of Princeton's first football game to do the yell. Even though it had been used on the day cheerleading was invented, the 1990s found the megaphone very popular. The first homecoming game was held at the University of Illinois in 1910. Then in 1920, yell leaders started bri

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