A Personal War Against Consumerism

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Consumerism is defined as, a movement for protecting the consumer against defective products, misleading business practices, and so forth. Now according to definition, the government is suppose to protect us from misleading business pitches, but instead, most business have been getting away with throw cruel sales pitches to throw millions of people into debt. Don't get me wrong, but consumerism does help our economy back to its feet after September 11th, just in the wrong way. Consumerism affects me through music, television, and friends.

Music is one of my battles with consumerism. Recording artists know that if the put their songs on the radio, then people will listen and ask for the name of the artist and the name of his album. Also, radio stations give away free CDs and when you do that, the friends of who has that CD will go buy therefore bringing more money for the artist and the studio which could as far away as New York City or Seattle. Another example mixes in with television, Music Television (MTV). They play music videos,

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