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Cantebury Tale Wife of Bath analysis

            During the prologue before The Wife of Bath Tale, the narrator informs the reader of what women want in their marriages and relationships. The narrator is a female and has been in five different marriages. She believes that because of this she has the authority to talk about and give advice on marriage and relationships. The advice she gives to the readers is that the most important factor that women want in a relationship is to be in complete control. This is exactly what she had in her four previous marriages. She continuously married old, rich men who gave her money and complete control of their relationships. If power and control are what women crave in relationships, why was the narrator married five times? Especially since each of her previous husbands gave her the complete control that she desired. This leads me to believe that having this complete control of a relationship that she talks about in the prologue is false happiness. The narrator does not find true happiness until her last husband. Her last husband did not give her the complete control she had in her previous marriages. He was not wealthy, he against what she preached in the prologue. This turned out the husband she favored most and due to that they stayed together. After reading the prologue I believe that women having complete control in their relationship will not give them the happiness they long for, a well balanced relationship will.
             In my opinion, the narrator of the prologue is a hypocrite. She preaches and gives advice that all women want the authority and power in their marriage. She explains that she married her previous husbands for money and not for love. However, it was the husband she favored the most who was the complete opposite. He had no money and treated her inadequately. She had loved him before she married him, and due to this it contradicts her words because she did not care who had authority.
             In the tale “The Wife of Bath” a fine looking knight could not resist the temptation of raping a young woman.