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Expectations under Magnifying Glass

             Comparing and contrasting of two characters, which can be two writers, actors, .
             politicians, teachers, or businessmen, is probably essential to understand the differences .
             and similarities of the two characters. For example, comparing the two characters, which .
             are Rueben Navarrette, Jr and Sandra Cisneros in their written stories of “Vindication” .
             and “Only Daughter”, teach us what kind of expectations they experienced as writers. .
             These expectations cab be some different aspects, such as family, society, and self .
             expectations. Navarrette was born May 11, 1967, in the part of the San Joaquin Valley. .
             He is described as a columnist and editorial board member of the Dallas Morning News. .
             He is a Mexican American who graduated from Harvard University in1990. The other .
             writer, Cisneros was born in 1954 of a Mexican American mother and a Mexican father. .
             She is the only daughter in her family with her six brothers. Her famous works are the .
             novel House on The Mango Street and the short story Woman Hollering C reek which .
             were published orderly in 1983 and 1991.
             Parental expectations is the first discussion element of these two characters. In .
             the Cisneros’s family, her father is the main factor of the expectation in the “Only .
             Daughter”. As an example, her father expects she finds husband in college and after she .
             can not find husband after the graduate school, her father believes all the education she .
             achieved is a waste of time. In addition, the father wants her to make some copies of her .
             story for her relatives. On the other hand, the family of Navarrette is serious about his .
             education to be a lawyer even though his son would regret because he wants to be a .
             writer. At the end, after being successful as a writer, his father is proud of him being a .
             Another expectation is the society that contributes to the writers’ struggles.