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Shark Net

             Through out the autobiography Shark Net, Robert Drewe highlights particular events along the way in order to make the audience view certain situations negatively and to shape their opinions of the text. I believe some important details of Drewe’s life in Perth, in the 1940’s and 50’s include, Drewe’s early marriage and baby leading up to his exile from society, his relationship with his parents, his mothers death, and the change Perth went through at that time. Drewe structures his chosen information carefully in order for the reader to learn about the changes in society that Perth went through as a result of the murders and a to portray a memoir about his early life growing up during the reign of one of Australia's most notorious serial killers.
             Robert Drewe was exiled from society at a very young age due to his early marriage and child, which back then was looked upon as being bad or rude. His exile is shown midway through the book when Drewes current girlfriend Ruth falls pregnant at the age of 18. The reason for the positioning of his exile is because being an autobiography it has to be in chronological order and the events that happened in his life before the exile leads up to it. When Drewes parents find out that Ruth is pregnant they literally kick Drewe out of the house and force him to live in the most northern suburb of Perth (the furthest away from them as possible) and to have the baby on there own, with no support what so ever, which as you can imagine was a very big task for a young couple having their first ever baby. Drewe’s mothers dislike towards the upcoming baby is shown through her words to Robert, “You know you have ruined your lives. You have wrecked this family.” And again through Drewes father hissing at his mother not to tell anyone, as this would ruin their perfect image and his reputation. Through his language used it shows that the public, should they find out, would also exile him from society and try to cover his sins up, as this would reflect badly upon Perth’s image.