Labor Practices Mexico

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Mexico today is seeking to become less authoritarian, less presidential, less centralized and more open to the world. Few countries have undertaken more significant market oriented and economic reform changes than Mexico in the past 20 years. Despite these welcome transformations, Mexico's economic troubles will compound if the country does not successfully confront the deep social and economic problems found in its labor practices. Some of the problems they face today include gender issues, wage inequalities, the education of its labor force, and labor union relations.

Admitting, "No society treats its women as well as its men  (Cuetera, P.143) is the first step to understanding the gender issues and disparities between the sexes in a patriarchal society such as Mexico. Recent studies showed that only 29 percent of women in comparison to 87 percent of men are currently employed (Katz, P. 204). The level at which women experience sexism varies based on the size of the organization and the work unit within the company. In Mexico, women's earning potential is negatively affected when combining work and school in relation to men. This can be attributed to occupational differences fou

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