What Some People Do For Love

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In Flannery O'Connor's ˜Parker's Back', O.E. Parker and Sarah Ruth were never the couple that were meant to be. Sarah Ruth was a sweet and innocent church girl with a Straight Gospel preacher as a father. On the other hand, O.E. Parker was a crazy drunk that thought all women loved him by reason of the many tattoos he had. After how much Sarah Ruth despised them, O.E. Parker wanted a tattoo ˜that Sarah Ruth would not be able to resist ”a religious subject.'

O.E. Parker had always been a worthless drunk, never caring what other people thought about him or the actions he took upon. He tried turning his life around by joining the navy, but once he got out he was back to his old self again. His arete -excellence- was trying to turn his life around and also trying to make

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