Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez uses the element of unsure ness in his characters to show that not all the characters remember correctly what events occurred or how they occurred so the reader questions what really happens. Throughout the book, many minor details in events are mixed up between the characters and nobody really knows what happened. Marquez instills the element of doubt to enhance the palpability of his characters and to bring into being a stronger image of what is going on into the readers mind.

Since the beginning of the novel, there are contradictions about the setting or about what happened in detail. The characters don ¡ ¯t always agree with each other and that brings about a surreal image or rather an unsure one. This also makes the characters more realistic and believable because real people forget things and sometimes they are unsure on detail. The descriptions of Santiago ¡ ¯s corpse are different from what actually happened and what the papers wrote. The papers described it as ¡ °a stigmata of the crucified Christ ¡ ± (87) while the actual corpse was very much more beaten. The description of his ruined corpse was very graphic, especially when ¡ °Pablo Vicario gave him a horizontal slash on the stom

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