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Similarities and Differences Between Indians and Europeans

Native Americans and Europeans were very different and yet a lot alike. Their ways of life were significantly diverse although they did have some similarities.

Some similarities that the two cultures had was religion. Though their religions were very different, both believe in some kind of higher power and ways of worship. They also both had stories about their creation. Native Americans and Europeans also both had some sort of governmental system. They both had some way of leadership and keeping things civilized and in order. Both also farmed and hunted. Food was something they each needed to survive. Growing crops and hunting was part of both of their cultures. They also traded with each other. Sometimes it might be for crops, furs, or tools. Trading was something that they did quite often.

Native Americans and Europeans also had quite a few differences. The arriving Europeans seemed adjusted to another world, they appeared to be oblivious to the rhythms and spirit of nature. Nature to the Europeans, and the Indians detected this, was like an obstacle or an enemy. It was also a service: A forest was so many board feet of timber, a beaver colony so many pelts, a herd of buffalo so many robes. They didn't conserve nature at all. Natives were different. The preserved nature and built their life around it. The Europeans brought with them not only a longing and will to overcome the new continent for all its material wealth, but they also brought with them diseases that hit the Native Americans very hard. They way the dressed and their way of life was completely different. From all of this arose many conflicts.

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