Car Accident essay

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When one usually steps into a car one takes safety for granted.

Most people don't even think twice about jumping into a car to go from

one place to another. Being in a car, whether driving or riding is a daily

routine for most everyone. So why am I so scared every time I am in

January 15 was a day I will never forget, a day that changed my

life. It was a cold, breezy Monday, but a great day, because I was off

school for Martin Luther King's birthday. I was having a great time at

a friend's house with other friends, but I had to leave since I had to

work that afternoon. So my friend Marcus offered to take me home in

his scooped up Mustang GT. Why not, I thought, it looked like a fun,

We were heading for the main highway when I noticed how most

of the snow had melted from the day before. What a relief that was to

me, since I was a fairly new driver

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