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Car Accident essay

             When one usually steps into a car one takes safety for granted.
             Most people don’t even think twice about jumping into a car to go from.
             one place to another. Being in a car, whether driving or riding is a daily.
             routine for most everyone. So why am I so scared every time I am in.
             an automobile? .
             January 15 was a day I will never forget, a day that changed my.
             life. It was a cold, breezy Monday, but a great day, because I was off.
             school for Martin Luther King’s birthday. I was having a great time at.
             a friend’s house with other friends, but I had to leave since I had to.
             work that afternoon. So my friend Marcus offered to take me home in.
             his scooped up Mustang GT. Why not, I thought, it looked like a fun,.
             fast car, to ride home in. .
             We were heading for the main highway when I noticed how most.
             of the snow had melted from the day before. What a relief that was to.
             me, since I was a fairly new driver and snow made me nervous. Well.
             Marcus enjoyed his fast car and always let it live up to its abilities. All.
             I can remember was watching him shift gears to speed up as we were.
             getting on to the highway. Then, the steering wheel just started.
             spinning and he lost control. What looked like a puddle was a patch of.
             ice. It all happened so fast! He drove off the entrance into a big ditch.
             as the car flipped over twice. The last thing I remember was the.
             feeling of my head hitting the dashboard. I was unconscious when I.
             flew with the windshield out of the car about 20 ft. into an.
             embankment. Luckily, because of the melting snow, I landed on the.
             soft, soggy, grassy area, with the cracked windshield laying near me.
             Amazingly enough, the windshield was still in one piece, but was I? I.
             woke up feeling pain all over as the doctors and nurses tried to move.
             me around. I will never forget the feeling of my neck in a big plastic.
             brace and being tied down to a stiff, hard board. They didn’t want me.
             to move because my back was injured and I could cause more damage.

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