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My Cat

The ways my cat shows he is king of the house

I have three animals, one dog and two cats. The one I would like to tell you about is Dink.

He is a cat who believes he is the king of the house. I will explain how he shows us this in a

First, you need to know about his physical characteristics. He is a solid black cat, with

three white hairs on his back. Currently he has more white on him, due to the fact that he tried to

help paint the living room wall. Dink weighs approximately fourteen pounds. Dink can stretch

out to be as long as three and some half feet without his tail included. I believe his physical

characteristics have quite a bit to do with his feelings about being king of the house.

The beginning of Dink's day begins about ten minutes before the alarm clock goes off.

He does not like waiting to be fed in the morning. He will come up on the bed and begin to

meow. If simple meowing does not wake up the humans, he will get louder. It is as if he is

beginning to yell. Once he realizes that yelling is not getting us out of bed, Dink will then begin

to paw at our faces. In a sleepy stupor, like most people at five am., I say Dink the alarm goes off

in a few minutes. You can wait. He either does not like this or does not agree with it. Dink then

starts pawing at the covers and attempting to remove them from you. He has gotten fairly good at

this lately. Needless to say I end up feeding him at the sound of the alarm clock, rather than

waking at this time. Dink will always be the first to eat, the first to finish, and the first back to

The next major event in Dink's day is playtime. He and his sister, Miss Piggy, like to

rough each other up. This can be compared closely to cross-checking at a hockey game. When

the lust for blood is accomplished. They will break out the toys. The favorites amon

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