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            I am going to let you in on something I have enjoyed my whole life. I don’t think that I’m a real expert on this subject, but since I have been fishing for most of my life, I think that I know quite a bit on how to catch the big ones. .
             Since I just four or five years old, my dad has taken me out on fishing trips, and has taught me a lot, but since I am older, I have taught him a thing or two also. Before I give you some tips on fishing, I have a story to tell you on the first time I went fishing. I still remember it like it was yesterday. My dad took my brother, who is two years older then I am, and myself out to a small lake near by my house. Now we fished for a while until I got my line stuck on a log out in the water, and could not get it out. My dad came over to help me get it out, and while he was busy getting my line out, a fish began to pull his line into the water. I ran over to it, picked it up, and began to fight the fish that was on it. It took me about fifteen minutes to get it in, and when I did, it was a carp. For all of you who don’t know what a carp is, it is one of the worst fish you can catch, it feeds off the bottom, and swims in the mud. But that day I was so happy just to catch a fish, it didn’t matter what it was. .
             Speaking of different kinds of fish, there are a few that I mainly go for, and the one that I like to fish for the most are salmon, and trout. Salmon run in the fall season, like right now, and come from Lake Michigan into the rivers to spawn. Spawning is when fish go to reproduce, but the thing about salmon is that they cannot naturally reproduce around here, but they still come up the rivers because it is built in their nature to do so. Salmon are artificially reproduced by the DNR so that they do not go extinct. Once a salmon is four years old, it will come up the river in the fall to try to spawn. After they make their way up the river, and release their eggs or sperm, they will die within a couple of days.