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An Abandoned Building

A blanket of darkness had descended on Blackwood Estate. The sky changed from pale pink to purple and then to grey washes. I looked at the sky, it was full of dark clouds heralding the coming of a storm. "Oops  I gulped. "Hey guys, want to walk to Hill street instead of Gambir street, it's a short-cut! Maybe we can reach home before it rain.  I asked. Mike had no objections and agreed readily. "What?! Walk past that cemetery? Over my dead body!  Cindy yelled. I groaned, "Come on! Do you want the rain to spoil your new hairstyle?  I said, urging her. "Okay,  she answered reluctantly.

The trees grew thicker along the sides of the deserted road. Chilly wind caressed my cheeks and many of my goose bumps burst. Hill street was a long way of dilapidated houses that ran past the side entrance of the cemetery. Wind thrashed in the treetops and the clouds burst. A torrential rain lashed down. "Lets find a shelter first. Now, look at the sky. It's raining cats and dogs, we would be drenched soon!  Mike said hastily. "Fine! 

"Look! There is a building there! Lets grab a shelter there!  I yelled. We immediately dashed into the building. It was huge, five stories tall with a black roof.The building was eerie and empty. "Look at the cobwebs, it seemed like nobody had lived here for a long time but why were the lights switched on?  Mike asked. "Weird,  I answered, feeling a bit frightened. I had a strange kind of feeling that I could not express out. The building seemed haunted. "We will leave here as soon as the rain stop, lets not make too much noise.  I warned them.

It's boring here!  Cindy said suddenly. "Lets test our bravery by going up to the second to take a look.  "Cindy please,  I moaned. "Scared so easily?  Cindy sneered. â

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