Anatomy of a Snake Strike

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Hunger the basic need inspires creatures to feed. Hunger so

Intense, that anything would be done to sooth it. Everyone knows how bad it feels to miss supper and go to sleep without food, then having to wake up in the morning and regaining your energy. Well imagine going days without food! Any human would fall victim to malnutrition and lose a massive amount of weight. But not this creature, it is able to go weeks and even months without food. But after this time it is in desperate need for a substantial meal.

This creature is known as the Pit Viper, one of the apex predators in the world. This is a creature built to perfection and designed to kill. After months without food the Viper is in need for a gigantic meal. But low energy is were it's first skill comes into play, it will wait for days and stay hidden ready to ambush till it finds an unsuspecting victim. Finally after days

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