Haunted Houses

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People have thrived on tales from beyond the grave ever since the idea of haunted houses was derived. Culture today has been greatly impacted by this supernatural phenomenon. People have watched movies, done seances, and visited real haunted houses to satisfy their thirst for an encounter with the beyond. But those that have experienced the supernatural may not consider themselves to be so lucky. Even though haunted houses seem so scary and nightmarish, they still seem to mystify those that are living today.

All haunted houses have some base or story-line on how they became haunted. These stories can vary anywhere from having a person that hung themself in the attic to a development that was built over a cemetery. Many say that the ghosts have "unfinished business  that they have to attend to before they pass on to the "other side.  In other cases, some are just angry spirts that come back to haunt the houses that they once occupied. They say that some ghosts don't even know that they have died. They just walk around as if they were still living and go about their days as normal. Others will re-enact out their death over and over again; some believe that by them doing th

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