Pierre Radisson

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Pierre-Esprit Radisson was born in Avignon in the south of France sometime around 1636. His family immigrated to Canada in 1651 and settled in Trois Riviers. When he was on a duck hunt at age 15, he was ambushed by Mohawk Indians and taken captive to a village near Lake Champlain. He was adopted by a Mohawk warrior who had nineteen white scalps to his name. Radisson adopted quickly to the new way of life and became known as the White Indian. His memories of New France led him to escape with an Algonquin Indian by crushing their capture's skulls in with rocks. Days later they were caught and the Algonquin was killed on the spot while Radisson was tortured. His finger nails were pulled off, his fingers were put into hot coals and chewed on by Mohawk children and his soles were seared. After two years with the Indians he successfully escaped to Fort Orange and then went back to Trois Riviers in New France.

Over the next several years Radisson had many adventures. He was the first to explore the upper parts of the

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