An Inspector Calls

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˜Show how J.B Priestly creates dramatic tension in ˜An Inspector Calls'?

˜An Inspector Calls' written and created by J.B Priestly, the play is based on trust and responsibility, taking responsibility for your own actions. That actions people take can be wrong and lead to bad things happening. The play is written and set just before World War 1 in an upper class family.

At the beginning of the play Mr Birling is having a celebration engagement party for his daughter Sheila who is to be married to Gerald. To Mr Birling, This engagement means the joining together of two rival companies.

To the audience they all seem to be having a good time, they are all listening to speeches by their father and Gerald. They all seem content and excited about the future, not at all unsure. We also get this feeling later on when Mr Birling talks about the war and how it's a load of nonsense, "Nonsense nobody wants war . The tension begins to rise when you realise that Gerald's parents are not present at dinner, which is strange seeing as it is his engagement party. The thing that we never find out during this story is why they are not present. Even

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