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             I have been prescribed with a good lasting medicine called laughter. Laughter is the experience or manifestation of mirth, amusement, scorn, or joy. It is an essence, a movement that produces a sound. Laughter is a regular series of short, vowel-like syllables-that are usually transcribed in English as ha-ha, ho-ho, and he-he. It is one of my favorite emotions to show everyday, especially the laughter that brings you tears. They are the good ones. When we were children, we laughed about 400 times a day. As we get older and more serious, the amount narrows down. Adults laugh approximately 15 times per day. That it not enough! We can pretty much laugh at any time of the day and at anything we want. We all need a good laugh.
             What makes people laugh? I know one thing that can make most people laugh right off the bat - give them a little taste of the tickle monster. One thing might be funny to someone but may not be funny to another. For example, most jokes that are told - you either laugh, don’t get them, or you are offended. Laughter can come from someone else’s mistakes such as your friend falling on their behind. You can’t help but to laugh the minute it happens but you’re not trying to be rude. It just comes natural to you. Most times people laugh at their own mistakes. I know I do. Laughter is the main purpose of a comedian and clown’s job. They have to make you laugh because if they don’t, they have no job anymore. Most television shows and movies are classified as a comedy. Their purpose is to try to make their audience laugh. If you are feeling down, just pop in a good comedy and hopefully your day will brighten up.
             There are many things that bring forth laughter and the good part is it helps you mentally and physically. When I say mentally, I am talking about less stress, reducing anger and anxiety, creates liveliness, relieves tension for relaxation, and makes you more positive and have a good sense of control.