Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) – A Deviant Analysis

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Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) “ A Deviant Analysis

Un-published in the Israeli Media throughout March and April 2003

"The United States Is The Most Peaceful Nation On Earth.  “ G. W. Bush

"Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.  “ Tacitus, Agricola 30.5

(Where they create desolation, they call it peace.)

The media cannons are blasting away, and the gung-ho coverage is so noisy that the important questions and their answers are barely heard. Below we formulate those issues pertinent in forming our opinion about the impending war ("Is it moral? , "Should we, as Israelis, support the war even if it is immoral? , etc.)

So ¦ what are the expected consequences of the war? What can we learn from the rationale offered for it? What are its motives? What are the alternatives?

First Outcome: Thousands of Dead, Injured and Misplaced People

A leaked UN document dated December 10, 2002 examines "Likely Humanitarian Scenarios  and based on WHO's estimates concludes that "as many as 500,000 could require treatment to a greater or lesser degree as a result of direct or indirect in

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