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Short essay Summary and Commentary

Summery: In this essay many creatures in the woods believed an owl to be god. These animals had found the owl to be the wisest and greatest of all the animals, so they decide to follow him. The animals are too quick to follow the owl as god, they follow hi m blindly, and before they realize he isn't god the get run over by a truck.

Commentary: I think that the author, James Thurber, is trying to show us how in Christianity most people are following god blindly. We must help ourselves for god to help us. We need to learn to make our own decisions and not expect god to reach down with a righteous hand and do everything for us. If we expect this we will be like the animals in the story, we will "get run over by a truck , meaning that we will be over run with so many problems that we wont be able to get ourselves out of them.

Summery: Edward Rivera is looking back to when he was younger and went to a predominantly white Catholic school in Puerto Rico. He remembers that during his time there he has many bad and embarrassing moments, including his first communion.

Commentary: Rivera shares his experiences of being taunted and abused, both verbally and physically, by his peers and teachers at his Catholic school. I feel it is very sad that people would make fun of someone because the are Christian, they had no sense of respect toward Edward and the fact that it was his first communion. Also I find it disturbing that people would make fun of a boy because he is not very well off and has trouble supporting himself.

Summery: "The Death of the Moth  is a story about how a person found a moth on a windowsill and watches it. The person comes to understand the power of life and death through this moth.

Commentary: The author, Virginia Woolf, uses imagery to portray the connection between the moth

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