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Junk Food

             Junk food is the garbage that makes us or breaks us. To eat the junk(infinitive), or to not eat the
             junk can be a very thought provoking question. Asking ourselves this bitter sweet inquisition
             (gerund) is easy, yet in some aspects very strenuous.
             If when you say "junk food  you mean the root of health problems, the villain of all diets,
             the conspirator towards obesity, the unfriendly stomach food, the tidal wave of heartburn or the
             thick fatty result that fills would be healthy arteries (adjective); if when you say "junk food  you
             mean the greasy, salty build up that sticks to pudgy fingers after eating fast food or the hellish
             nightmare for perfect figures everywhere, then it can be said that I cannot stand it. If by "junk
             food  you mean a beautifully wrapped treat that tricks you into eating a sliver of death, then it can
             Yet, if by "junk food  you mean delightful sugar, the spread of all major football games,
             the very essence of Christmas; if when you say "junk food  you mean the best part of every movie
             experience, the caffeine that revs a depleted energy source or when the wavering aroma of freshly
             baked cookies (adverb) fills the air, then it can be said that I like it. If you mean "junk food  in the
             way of taste bud bliss, an excursion to something called "31 flavors  or memories of hunting
             down the neighborhood ice cream truck, then it might be said that I enjoy it. If by "junk food  you
             mean the top of the universal food pyramid, when Willy Wonka had his vision of a perfect
             chocolate factory(noun) or the average teenager's diet, then it can be said that it is fine with me. If
             you say "junk food  you mean the sweet reward for finishing a hearty meal, the crunchy, happy
             potato chip that makes a rhythm in itself while chewing; if by "junk food  yo

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