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Status of Women in the United States

            Status of Women in the United States.
             The status of women is very different throughout the world. Different countries and the cultures within them have different beliefs on what a woman’s status should be. Although the status of a woman varies, one fact almost always remains constant; a woman’s status is below a man’s. A woman’s role in society is drastically changing. Today in the United States a woman is not below nor above a man, they are steadily rising towards an equilibrium.
             For years women have been stereotyped as two things, mothers and wives. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that women’s voices were being heard. Women slowly began working out of the house and doing things that typically the men would handle. The rising status of women was slow but steady. Women have accomplished many goals and have done a lot of hard work trying to obtain equal rights. .
             In the working field women are still stereotyped into certain types of jobs. Going along with the role of a woman and her nurturing instinct to children, they are often pushed toward being teachers. As early as grade school girls are pushed to excel in reading and writing while boys are guided toward math and sciences. In the larger cities woman are given more of an opportunity to obtain all kinds of jobs. Smaller cities tend to still have old fashioned ways of thinking. I have personally witnessed this throughout my life. I am from a smaller town and through my schooling I only had four male teachers, they were in science, math and gym. Now that I go to college in a larger city I have several male teachers, in fact I have more male then female. It is also the same in the medical field. Going to a St. Louis hospital you would have a very diverse choice of doctors. In my hometown the doctors are almost all men. The few women doctors that we have are gynecologist and family practice doctors, all of our surgeons are men.