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Owning a Firearm

            Ever since I was a young boy I have enjoyed being in the outdoors more than anything else. My dad has always made sure that whenever possible, he, my two brothers and I were either camping, hiking, backing, fishing, hunting or anything else you can do in the wilderness. When we were really young, we mostly just went exploring around our campsite and sometimes went fishing. Once we reached a more mature age my dad introduced us to a small .22 caliber rifle. The rifle was very small and for anyone who has seen a real rifle, a .22 is much like a B.B. gun, only with gun powder. Being so young it seemed like the hugest, loudest gun and my brothers and I all fell in love. .
             I was a natural at shooting, and with a little practice I became very good. We would hold little competitions to see who could shoot the best out of ten shots. We started out only shooting at targets, but eventually we were old enough to start hunting. My dad wasn’t real big into hunting large animals, and had only been a few times himself, so he taught us how to shoot varmints. We would go to areas in Montana where the varmints were heavily populated, and spend the day hunting them either on foot or in the car. My dad was always sure to teach us gun safety techniques very thoroughly and we were never allowed to shoot the gun without him. .
             When my brother got old enough to have his own gun, my dad bought him a nice .22 with a scope on it. This was very cool because he was the first one of us to have their own gun. My dad told me I could get one too, but I decided to wait and see what kind of gun I really wanted. .
             When I was a senior in high school one of my friends had gotten an assault rifle that was extremely powerful. I loved it and decided I wanted one just like it, but I wasn’t sure if my dad would let me get a gun that powerful. My friend had bought his rifle without his parents knowing because they were against owning guns, and had never taught him anything about them.