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The job being a parent is difficult and frustrating.

Being a parent isn't a very easy job. It is infact one of the most provoking yet emotionally and physically challenging opportunities in life. Once you are a parent, you are stuck in it for life and there's no turning back. We would never know how difficult it is being a parent until we actually become one. From my point of view as a child, I could already feel the frustration that my parents go through and imagine how it's like to be one.

From a newborn baby all the way through adulthood, our parents have gladly raised us in spite of all the faults and mistakes we make. They provide us with unconditional love. Parents have a tremendous responsibility in the development throughout a child's life and assurance in children's needs. It is indeed an extremely difficult duty because it requires many different roles. Throughout the day, a parent jumps from being a child's manager, to being her assistant, teacher, friend, and adviser. Most mothers who

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