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Chain Reaction: Romeo and Juliet

             In William Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet, the death of a character named Tybalt caused a chain reaction of unfortunate events in the play. Which causes things to go terribly wrong for the couple and makes it almost impossible to maintain the survival of their love.
             During the scene when Tybalt was killed, Tybalt enters the scene looking to engage in battle with Romeo, but is willing to fight anyone. Tybalt ends up fighting Mercutio who intervenes on Romeo’s behalf. At the end of the fight Mercutio lost his life that, therefore, enraged Romeo; he and Tybalt end up fighting and Tybalt was killed as well. Shortly after this event the Prince arrived at the scene and banished Romeo from Verona and declares that he will be killed on sight if he is found within the walls. Tybalt is then found to be Juliet’s cousin and the Capulet family has a deep hate for Romeo. Juliet’s father, Capulet, declares that Juliet will marry a family friend by the name of Paris on the following Thursday. This happening sends Juliet into a great depression where she dishonours her family by refusing, and is forced to marry anyway. Juliet is very confused and worried about her situation, especially at the fact that Lady Capulet has found out that Romeo was now living in Mantua and had plans to have him killed. Juliet then went to the Friar Laurence for help. He gives her a potion to drink that will give her the appearance of death for only a short time, and plans to allow Romeo to rescue her from the tomb and take her to Mantua. Romeo was then supposed to receive a letter from Friar Laurence of their plans but he finds out about her death far to soon. Romeo goes to see his love Juliet to find her in her sleep and believes her to be dead, and drinks poison to relieve him from his grief. Juliet then awakes only minutes too late to find Romeo on the floor. Juliet then stabs herself in the stomach for she does not want to live unless she is with Romeo.