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Outline for a Media Coursework Evaluation of a Project.

             I have attempted to produce a movie trailer of the horror genre that aimed to set up a condensed narrative, several enigma codes and capture a large audience for the actual film should it be produced. This was attempted using a variety of methods and techniques.
             In my opinion the end product was a strong in piece in achieving the aims of the brief; however it was not without its weaknesses. In favour of the trailer it did follow the generic conventions of a modern “teen-slasher” movie and succeeded fairly well in embracing opportunities to develop on the concept of enigma codes, this is an important element in any trailer as it is a well used tool in capturing a large audience. The attempt to set up a narrative for the piece whilst still maintaining an element of secrecy emphasising the conspiracy element of the story was done with a certain degree of success, using on-screen text and addressing the audience directly allowed the piece to have a certain interactive factor which as stated in the brief is used as a technique to lure an audience to a film. Classic signifiers such as knives, guns and blood were used so that the viewer of the trailer can identify the genre of the film without being told, this was important to do as it is a method of appealing to the desired target audience. However in my opinion the trailer fell short of expectations in some respects due to technical and economic problems. I had originally planned for an introductory narrative with the use of a voice over, however this had to be edited out due to technical problems with the audio on the Imac editing suit. Many of the props and locations which I had hoped to used had to be substituted for less glamour’s places and objects due to cost and time period allowed with the camcorder.
             Representation of characters in the piece was done well when compared to desired effect stated in the brief.