Walls in Winesburg, Ohio

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It seems ironic almost, that a quote taken from a previous story by Sherwood Anderson, could later be used as a theme to his preceding novel, Winesburg, Ohio. In Anderson's piece, Poor White, he stated, "all men lead their lives behind a wall of misunderstanding they themselves have built, and most men die in silence and unnoticed behind these walls.  In Winesburg, Ohio, this wall building is portrayed in many ways and displayed through many different characters. Alienation, unfulfilled love prophecies, and loneliness are expressed through many of the characters in multiple vignettes to prove the validity of the theme previously stated.

Alienation proves to build walls around the characters Enoch Robinson, Wing Biddlebaum and David Hardy as they manage to estrange themselves from the rest of the town. "Loneliness" describes the fact that Enoch has imaginary friends who allow him to stay in his apartment and live a happy life without ever communicating with real people and these same "friends  prevent him from ever making real acquaintances. In the first story, entitled "Hands," we learn the tale of Wing Biddle

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