Bad Habits

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A habit can be defined as any action that we have performed so often that it becomes almost an involuntary response. If one considers a habit to be undesirable, than it may be labeled as a bad habit. Every person has some sort of bad habit and many people want to break them, but it is a very difficult task for most. People spend so much time and even money trying to break these bad habits, but have little success. In order to break these bad habits, a person needs to work very hard to want to change.

Change is not easy. It does take hard work and there is no short cut to achieving it. Nancy Schimelpfenig states that the first step in breaking a bad habit is to look at why you find the action so compelling. Is there some kind of payoff for doing these bad habits? If you think about it though, there are payoffs for everything that you do whether good or bad. In order to start breaking bad habits, you need to realize the payoff of it and think if it is something really worth it, or just some k

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