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Rambos of the Road

In marting gottfreids essay Rambo's of the road gottfired provides an insight into the new curse that is sweeping America, road rage.

Gotfreid begins his essay by showing us how he personally has already being involved in road rage and how he was affected by it. Gottfried also shows us how it does not have to be a major incident to incite these maniacs on the road, as all he did was overtake the other driver involved in the incident. He then shows us how this aggravation can push the innocent party into crazy behavior as he says  I turned off my own lights so I couldn't be followed. It was lunacy. I was responding to a crazy as crazy.

Gottfried then goes on to show us how this is happening on "the city streets too . He then tells us how one new York city taxi driver told him  intimidation is the name of the game  we are then give more evidence of this lunacy on the roads as he describes an incident he saw in new York city involving a bus driver and a "wall street type in shirt and suit . He basically tells us how the man rammed his car into the side of the bus, with the bus driver responding by jumping up and down on the hood of the aggressor's car.

The new York city incident backs up his next point of how "it is tempting to blame such belligerent, uncivil and even neurotic behavior on the nuts of the world  when in fact it is everybody who becomes a little crazy when they get behind the wheel, even upper class wall street types.

Gottfried concludes that people feel it is their rite to be the law of the road if they feel they have been wronged by fellow motorists. He finishes by saying that he believes if people let this behavior occur then they are basically approving such terrible behavior. Basically he means if you see the crime and do nothing, then you are as bad as the person doing the crime.

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