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Creation Vs. Evolution

            Because creationism and evolution have conflicted for many years, creationists now rely on scientific evidence, as well as biblical evidence, to prove that their beliefs are correct and that the problems in evolution cannot be ignored. The Bible tells the creation story, but it does not provide scientific evidence of creation. Creation scientists now use theories such as new catastrophism and provide proof for the Great Flood in the geological column. The second law of thermodynamics and the process of irreducible complexity deny many claims made by evolutionists. Creation scientists also counter evolution by questioning the validity of radiocarbon dating. .
             The Bible is an important source for creationists. It tells the creation story. The creation consisted of seven days. In those seven days God created the earth and everything on it. There have been some important scientific discoveries that are relevant to the days of creation. On the first day “the Holy spirit moved upon the earth. From this omnipotent, vibrating energy source began to flow our energy waves- waves of heat and sound magnetism. Thus, the created universe was energized. The earth rotating on its axis also began at this time. Both energy and matter were now present in the space, mass, time framework. The three basic types of force fields were now in effect” (Willmington 2). The creation of plant life on the third day was the first form of life ever created. This statement fully contradicts evolution. Evolution states that life began on an ocean surface, but the Bible says that “life was supernaturally created on the third day of creation and began on dry ground” (Willmington 2).
             On the seventh day God rested. “The first law of thermodynamics is now in effect. This law says that energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed” (Willmington 4).