The World of his Poetry

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"Death is not darkness; it is just putting of candle because dawn is here.  Tagore

The above lines suggest the optimism that is reflected in the existence of life itself. For each one of us is to one day shed our physical existence but that does not mark the end of our journeys. It is rather the end of one phase of our existence for the beginning of another. Such is the optimistic perception that is reflected in Jibanananda Das's "Before Dying .

In the first verse the poet begins by describing the walks in "winter dusk  through "lonely stubble fields . Winter dusk probably symbolizing the seclusion and the sense of nostalgia that each one of us at some or the other time experience. Where as the stubble fields pointing out at the existence of the full grown plant and the stubbles as remnants of harvesting. As a result implying our growth in life and then acc

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