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The Holy Grail: Analyzing Women in Cristian/Celtic Stories

            â€œThe lovely radiance of her face, the sweet luster of her eyes, in whom God had omitted no perfection”, Wolfram von Eschenbach explains, “the lady of this land was like a rose still moist, with the sweet dew revealing from the bud its pristine glory of white and red” (104). Just as most women, Condwiramurs is given special attention when she is introduced into the story Parzival. Almost all the women that we have encountered in the Grail legends are portrayed as if they were the finest to walk the green of the Earth. Unfortunately none of the text is accompanied by illustration to witness the marvel so maybe we should move past the looks and contemplate the role that the women of the stories really take on.
             Branwen, from Branwen Daughter of Llyr , plays a vital role in guiding the story or simply making a story of this Celtic version. While in the Christian story Parzival the women provide more support for our hero in different ways. Branwen doesn’t appear in her story as much as the other characters do, but the story still revolves around her. She is the backbone of it all while everyone else fills in around her. On the contrary, the Christian ladies, Jechute, Sigune, Cunneware, and Condwiramurs are all used to help display the main character’s maturity throughout the story. Even though God crafts all the women with such perfection, we often overlook the fact that they play a much larger role than just the prize a hero receives for doing something extraordinary.
             All of the women in Parzival share the role in displaying to the reader how Parzival matures on his quest to King Arthur’s court to become a great knight. The first woman in his life is of course his mother, Herzeloyde. When Parzival’s father is killed Herzeloyde isolated herself, along with her son, away from society. She wanted him to grow up away from all the evil of the outside world and she did a really good job at it for a long time, but it only took that one time for him to see a knight coming through the woods and he was gone.