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Do or Die Book Review

            â€œDo or Die” is a book that describes gang life in South Central Los Angeles. Leon Bing conducts interviews with juveniles involved in gangs. Bing looks at the two major rival gangs, the Bloods and the Crips. It is also seen in this book that the gangs even fight within their association. Bing interviews these gang members and tries to determine why they enter gangs. Her book is broken down into the places she conducts her interviews. These places are Camp Kilpatrick, South Central, Camp Gonzales, The Jungle, and Soledad. At each of these places, Bing lets the gang members tell their stories.
             Bing explains how the Bloods and Crips name themselves after the street where they live. She, also, explains how different sets of Crips war with each other. There is really not a good reason why Crips fight with other Crips just because of their street name. Bing interviews gang members as young as 13-years-old and as old as late twenties. A brief history is also given as to what is an O.G and a T.G. An O.G. is an Original Gangster and a T.G. is a Tiny Gangster. To become an O.G. it takes time and respect. To become an O.G. you have to commit a lot of serious crimes. The T.G.’s respect and look up to the O.G.’s. .
             Bing begins by talking with two rival Crips members, G-Roc and Tiny Vamp, at Camp Kilpatrick. Camp Kilpatrick is a juvenile probation camp. G-Roc is a fifteen-year-old that was put in the juvenile camp for participating in a drive-by shooting. G-Roc also sells dope and has been involved in the gang since he was eight. Tiny Vamp is a fourteen-year-old who raped a girl. You can tell that Tiny Vamp somewhat looks up to G-Roc and wants his approval. They get along because they have to, but as you read you can tell that they are enemies. G-Roc says, “Just ‘cause we in this place together, ain’t no truce between us.” (Bing 1991: 21).
             Fighting between Bloods and Crips can be a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, wearing the wrong color, throwing a sign, or even looking at someone the wrong way.