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Cell phones good or bad

             Are cells phones good or bad for your health? That is the question that many people question themselves now days. We see the news and read the newspaper articles and it seems that the now days cellular phones and public health just keeps on getting worse every day.
             It is said in many articles that Italian scientist have recently demonstrated that cells phone radiation makes cancerous cells grow aggressively. The connection between microwave exposure and cancer has been documented for years. Research done by the University of Washington by professor Dr. Henry Lai shows that brain cells are clearly damaged by microwave levels far below the U.S governments "safely guidelines . He also warns that public exposure to radiation from wireless transmitters " should be limited to minimal .
             Recent studies confirm that cell phones can cause headaches and induce extreme fatigue. It is unbelievable how a cell phone can cause you to start losing your memory and damage the nerves in the scalp. That is just a few side effects of what a cell phone can do to your health.
             Researchers have said that within a few minutes of having a simple conversation the radical damage can occur and damage the brain. Telecom has encourage their own customers not to spend a lot of time talking on their cell phone for their own good. Not only do cell phones cause cancer but now they are also saying that cell phones can increase the resting blood pressure.
             It is extremely important that every one who uses a cell phone is aware that a cell phone could harm your health in an instance. Cellular phones are a disaster waiting to happen. They should only be reserved for emergencies only. Some people appear to be addicted to their cell phones but after reading this article I don't think that most of the people would want to use their cell phone more than before, knowing that they are harming their health in a v

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