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My Sister and Me

             "No two people are exactly the same  someone wrote. There is no doubt that this statement is true; for my sister and I share many similar characteristics but also have some differences. Perhaps the most obvious similarity would be in the area of education and discipline. The differences would be in social activities and physical appearance.
             Education is a big issue my sister and I are both concerned about. We believe, like many people, that to be able to succeed in life, one has to have a good education. We always told our children that we don't want them to turn out like we are, working hard every day for little money and face the challenge to go to school while we have to take care of them. We blame our children for making C's on their report cards. Our theory is that a C is average, and our kids are not average. My sister and I believe that an education is good to have, one have to have it in order to survive in this competitive society. We always say to them the earlier the better; the best time to focus one hundred percent in school learning is when you have to go to sleep without thinking about rent or mortgage. Go for it while you can go to the fridge twenty four over seven but don't have to think about how the bills will be paid. I don't think, however, that they really get the point.
             Discipline is another major similarity between my sister and me. I can be very strict at times, and I believe that children should obey their parents, do what they are told when they are told to do it, and respect their elders. So too is my sister. We always encourage our sons and daughters to obey rules, respect their teachers and their classmates and not to always ask why they have to do certain things just because they think they are stupid. (Going to bed early for them is stupid). As example, we always tell them t

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