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Future jobs

            Â¡Â§How our Future Job is very important and how it can be affected¡¨.
             Our Future Job, is controlled mostly by, determination, respect, independence and dependence on other people, power and for me the belief that you could do anything you want if you try.
             There are many jobs, many people, who would like to do a variety of jobs, when they grow old, or some people no jobs. Technician, Vet, Teacher, Police Officer, Fireman, Professional Football or Baseball Player¡K. These jobs can be a good as a economic stance, but most people who are or want to be who they are, either work hard: determination to get to it, or they found a opportunity for another job. Respecting others while you work, I believe will bring you great results, dependence on others and also respect from other people. Independece so that you can do your work without someone telling you to do it, doing stuff by yourself, and dependent so that other people can count on you to do a good job. And the belief that you can make it, I think will be the motivation of every being which encourages people to do their best.
             As a result of all of these you should be able to be a person you will want to be. People always have 2 paths or more every decision that¡¦s put in front of them, the best paths are the paths which you will like to go, the other paths are wat you like to do now, sometimes there is a temptation to go to that path which sometimes a good thing, but before the end of the board game, it is better to choose the right path.Æ'º.