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             Argentina is located in southern south America. It borders the south Atlantic Ocean and is between Chile and Uruguay. Along the western side of Argentina is the Andes Mountains. The northern and east side of Argentina is mostly flat lands. Twenty-two percent of Argentina is Forests and woodlands.
             In Argentina one peso is equal to one dollar in the U.S. Sometimes this changes a lot. It can that one dollar is three times as much money in Argentina than it is in the U.S.
             The population in Argentina is thirty-four million, two hundred ninety-two thousand, seven hundred forty-two people. The most popular celebrations in Argentina are the Ninth of July and the Twentieth of June. The Ninth of July is the Argentinean Independence Day. This day is celebrated all over the world by Argentineans not just in Argentina. The Twentieth of June is the Argentinean Flag Day. This also is not just celebrated in Argentina.
             Argentineans are, like most, very proud of their country. In the U.S. most every Argentinean family has one or more flag in their house. They also love to socialize. Argentineans like to be with their family a lot. One of the most important things in Argentina is family.
             One traditional thing in Argentina is a special tea that is at every gathering they have or even when they're just kicking back. This tea is called Matte. It is pronounced
             Ma-Tay. They drink it from one special wooden cup. They put the tea into the wooden cup, and fill it with hot water. Then they pass it around the room.
             The is one main religion in Argentina. It is catholic. Ninety percent of people in Argentina are catholic. There are two other religions in Argentina one is Protestant the other is Jewish. Only two percent for each are those religions. The six percent left is other.
             The president of Argentina is Nestor Kichner. In Argentina they change presidents very often. It is told that they have changed presi

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