Becoming a lawyer

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Lawyers are attorneys that represent people in criminal and civil cases. They have to present to their party and help gather evidence and data to prove their innocence or for the trial to go in their favor. Attorneys also act as legal advisors for their clients by providing them with legal rights and obligations. Lawyers take on great responsibility for their clients. The freedom of the clients lies on the hand of lawyers so they have to they have to be cautious with the advice and the actions they take and or give.

--The person I chose to do my topic on is a Lawyer from my Moch Trial team from Aviation High School. His name is Charlie Cobell. Currently he works for one of the largest Law Firms in NYC, Paul Weiss in midtown Manhattan. Here is the series of questions I asked him and his answers to them.

Shah-1.When did you realize you want to become a lawyer?

Charlie- I was always very fascinated with the law and political spectrum of a profession. Going into college, I had a vague idea about law, but was very curious. I took a handful of political science classes and enjoyed it. Then I decided on majoring in law.

Shah- 2.After you picked up interest in this field what made you keep on going?

Charlie-Well I liked it. Most people

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