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One of my favorite sayings is an old Yiddish aphorism that goes "Man plans, God laughs.  When people ask me what career I want to pursue when I get older, I always have an answer. However, I have come to realize that "that answer  changes significantly as time goes on, but one thing never does - I always have a plan. I have learned that planning for my future is very important even if those plans may change. One way in which many of us plan for the future is by setting goals. But what exactly are goals? A goal is a statement of what you want the future to look like. Goals identify achievements that will bring us pleasure; they give us something to look forward to, to work toward, and to save for.

A major goal - which consists of many minor goals- that I wish to accomplish by June 2004 is to target a series of universities that appeal to my desired field in business as well as a series of safety schools. In doubt that I will actually graduate college, I want to still attend the best school possible for my interest in sales and marketing. This way, I can "suck up  all of the imperative parts to running a business that I have not already learned from successful people in business or through busine

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