The Mourning Bench

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It's the last Sunday in August, in an old historical neighborhood, in Memphis, Tennessee. In the middle

of this neighborhood sat the only church. The church was a very tiny old house, made in a shotgun style.

The church was named after the historical neighborhood, Annesdale Cherokee Baptist Church.

Annesdale Cherokee Baptist Church consisted of families that resided in the area. My family had been

attending this church for over one year. My mother especially enjoyed the church services. This

meant that every Sunday morning, she made sure that we all got up and dressed our best for church. I

often wondered, "Why must we go every single Sunday? 

At Annesdale Cherokee Baptist Church, they practiced and taught many of the traditional Baptist

doctrines. One of their teachings was that of the Old Time Revival. Revival always started on the last

Sunday night in August and it would last one entire week. My mother told us, on many occasions that

when revival started, we had better be on the mourning bench. Just the very thought of going to sit on

this "Mourning Bench  for a whol

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