School to Work

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Phyllis Schlafly, author of "School-to-Work Will Train, Not Educate,  (1997) takes a firm stand against school-to-work programs in elementary and secondary schools. To support her position, Schlafly mentions Marc Tucker's "cradle-to-grave  plan and points out that this system would simply train children to enter the workforce without giving them a chance to choose their own career (WRAC 70). She goes as far as to say that this kind of training is similar to the training of a dog. She also claims that STW will require children to begin training as early as elementary school and questions an elementary student's ability to make a logical career choice. Schlafly indicates that STW programs are implemented by a government hoping to control the state's "pot of money  (WRAC 72). She also declares that such programs would rob students of privacy, individuality, and a traditional education.

In her article, Schlafly fails to specify the style of STW she is addressing. While a program that simply trains young children to do a certain job probably would not be successful, a system that allows high school students to receive hands-on training in a field of their choice has proved benefic

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